Amflo and Tru-Flate Products

Tru-Flate Products

We make it easy to find everything Tru-Flate.

Tru-Flate Products

Professionals and those who prefer DIY rely on the trusted brand, Tru-Flate. The high quality of the Tru-Flate tire pressure gauge, Tru-Flate air fittings, and the many products available within the Tru-Flate tire repair section showcase long life, accuracy and performance. Here at Docap, we carry everything Tru-Flate so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

Tru-Flate Tire Pressure Gauge

The precision-made Tru-Flate tire pressure gauge effortlessly surpasses the requirements of the most demanding applications. The various sizes and designated profiles will help obtain maximum tire life, economy and safety for passenger cars, vans, trucks, heavy equipment, farm and construction vehicles, and much more.

Tru-Flate Air Fittings

If you require Tru-Flate air fittings, we offer the complete line of solid brass fittings for use in connecting all components of an airline system. Ranging in several sizes, bushing, coupling, swivel fitting and the like are available for your convenience.

Tru-Flate Tire Repair

We understand how important your tires are, especially throughout the unpredictable seasons, which is why we encompass multiple products in relation to Tru-Flate tire repair. Whether you’re in need of lube and adhesives, patches and plugs, or the ultimate tire repair kit, we’re your one-stop-shop.

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