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Univer-Co Grease Products

Univer-Co Grease Products

Our expert sourcing and logistical capabilities ensure we provide the utmost products to our customers, which is why we carry Univer-Co, the universal coupler.

In 1929, the famous grease adaptor, commonly known as a “Zerk” was created by Mr. Oscar Zerk. In 2013, Univer-Co launched a revolutionary product for the lubrication of “Zerks”. A simple lock-on attachment method that is quick, leak-proof, and supports up to 10,000 PSI.

Univer-Co Grease Coupler

Deemed as the ‘world’s greatest grease coupler’, Univer-Co changes the way you work. Not only does the Univer-Co grease coupler save significant time for the operator with a quick and simple connection, it also reduces the cost of grease and workspace maintenance.

We offer the entire collection created by Univer-Co. Whether you’re in need of the lock on grease coupler, grease gun pressure release valve, ultimate grease kit or the reach and release hook, our team of specialists are proud to supply all things Univer-Co grease.

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