Electrical Accessories

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Electrical Accessories

At Docap, we recognize the importance of stocking an assortment of quality accessories to compliment our tools. All of our electrical accessories are durable, reliable and manufactured by recognized brands.

Quickly find electrical accessories ranging from LED work lights to dashboard fans. Whatever you’re looking for, the team at Docap is here to help.



LED Work Lights

When the sun goes down and natural light diminishes, effortlessly continue working with our handy LED work light. This heavy-duty accessory is mounted on an easily adjustable telescopic tripod that has a twist-lock grip for quick height adjustment.



Dashboard Fan

It’s important to keep cool while on the job, which is why we offer electric dashboard fans, as well as universal fan assemblies. Our fans feature reversible blades, two speeds, and come complete with mounting hardware.




Contact Our Professionals For All Your Electrical Accessories

Explore all of our available electrical accessories by contacting our specialists at 905-673-0000. Let our experienced team make your job a success with our expert service and competitive pricing.