Fastening Accessories

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Fastening Accessories

In addition to fasteners, we offer a selection of fastening accessories to keep your tools organized. We provide quality accessories so you can be proud of the tools you use.



Threaded Rod Display Rack

As part of our fastening accessories, effortlessly organize and exhibit your threaded rods with our display rack. Made of steel construction, our heavy-duty rack allows you to showcase up to 12 threaded rods. Whether you’re looking to merchandise your store floor or simply keep your tools organized, Docap can help.



Bolt Bins

Similar to our display racks, we offer bolt bins as part of our fastening accessories so you can quickly and easily find the right bolt needed for you work.

Docap’s bolt bins are made with interlocking and welded precision, and will not warp, twist or sag out of alignment due to the rigid construction. Choose from four weight capacities.



Contact Our Professionals For All Your Fastening Accessories

Explore all of our available fastening accessories by contacting our specialists at 905-673-0000. Let our experienced team make your job a success with our expert service and competitive pricing.