Here at Docap, we understand the importance of proper equipment and material handling when completing a task, which is why we offer a variety of hooks and pins for rigging. Simply hoist, lift, push or pull objects with our high-quality products.


Hooks are an essential tool when needing to secure and move large loads. We offer the finest selection of hooks from reliable brands including safety lanyard hooks, eye grab hooks, clevis grab hooks, safety winch hooks, clevis slip hooks, and more.

With a wide range of sizes, working load limits, and strength, you’ll always find the hook you need.


Pins are a go-to rigging tool for any project. Docap offers numerous types of pins, including linch pins, quick pins, and hitch pins, with a fold over or vinyl handle and clip included.

Whether you’re looking for a specific hitch pin to temporarily mount or conjoin mating components, or linch pins to hold a wheel on its axle, Docap has it.

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